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U 1965 MIS.jpg

EM - Early Modified

LM - Late Model

SM - Supermodified

Allison, Donnie (LM)

Hood, Hooker (SM)

2 Allison, Bobby (LM)

5 Cooper, Ival (SM)

V6 Lindley, Butch (LM)

Cooper, Ival (SM)

Hood, Hooker (SM) 

12 Allison, Bobby (LM)

12 Allison, Donnie (LM, SM)

16 Lindley, Butch (LM)

22 Allison, Bobby (LM)

22 Cooper, Ival (SM)

30 Allison, Donnie (SM)

30 Cooper, Ival (SM)

41 Allison, Donnie (SM)

41 Simmons, Buck (LM)

44 Cooper, Ival (SM)

45 Cooper, Ival (SM)

57 Cooper, Ival (SM)

80 Allison, Bobby (SM)

81 Simmons, Buck (LM)

88 Allison, Bobby (LM)

88 Allison, Donnie (EM, LM, SM)

88 Cooper, Ival (SM)

99 Allison, Donnie (SM)

99 Hood, Hooker (SM)

119 Allison, Donnie (SM)

174 Allison, Donnie (LM)

248 Cooper, Ival (SM)

312 Allison, Bobby (EM, SM)

312 Cooper, Ival (SM)

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